Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Those spinning plates

Back in the dawn of television, a frequent act you saw was the guy who spun  plates on top of  long sticks. Music played while he rushed between his forest of sticks, giving the lagging plates a push, catching ones that fell, starting them up again. That's how this week feels to me.

  The good news is that the purses are a big hit.  The corresponding news is two galleries are asking for more. Where are my little mice ("more twist!") to sew for me at night?

The scarves look great. I'm itching to add gold to some.

My Fabulous Fabrics class meets for the last time on Thursday. After a whirlwind tour of techniques, the students took off like falcons last week, working large, working in layers. One student gave me this piece. I think it is so beautiful.

 I hope to get pics from the last class to share. They've done amazing work.

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