Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reborn from the scrap pile

Last winter I made a slew of  tiny collages. 

Getting ready for the opening at the ALL Gallery this month, I thought "I should wear something I made." Mid-August is way too hot for scarves. Then,like the first star at night, an idea was there. I cut some silk bias, ripped some hand-dyed cotton, grabbed beads, needle, thread, and a thimble. All day, while I gallery-sat, I stitched. When the opening came around, I wore this: 

Lots of compliments. Now I have a  project to carry with me to doctor's appointments, etc. I found I could bead in the car, which made the long ride back from visiting my mother in her Lancaster PA nursing home pass more comfortably.

I'll take the project with me Saturday when my family leaves for our one week away. No computer if I can help it. Instead, painting, beaching and just sitting in the sun with the dog.


mimi k said...

Great idea!

Vivika said...

Beautiful! Makes me want to join the fun...