Friday, December 18, 2009


This piece is fabric mounted on stretched canvas. Increasingly I seek the image which speaks for itself. I feel nervous, stepping out into new territory, but eager to explore.

This piece sold over the weekend, so I will have to find another for the upcoming Loading Dock Gallery show, 50 under $50.

Today I go to two libraries to pick up books (about teaching and painting) and the 3rd season of Battlestar Gallactica on DVD. (My daughter and I have been waiting since August to watch this.) Then I drop off work at the photographer's and come home to mix up cookie dough.

I must also finish plans for my return to Lancaster PA in a week. My mom is moving to skilled care. I do not want to spend my holidays away from my family. I do not want to pack up, take or give away my mom's possessions. But that's what I'm doing after Christmas.

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mimi k said...

sorry to hear about your mom- house break down is not a fun holiday activity.