Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Show and tell

A successful sale. I know I do these shows for the compliments as much as for the cash. How else to see how your work affects others? I love best the kids that come up, entranced by color and wanting to touch. I really love the parents who get down to their level and admire the work too.

This show ended on a high note. A woman loved my work, wanted to talk about how I made my own fabric, so I held up a length of fabric. It has been covering one of the risers. It was a table runner that had gone through the usual evolution of art fabric: discarded cloth to ugly dyed fabric, through multiple print runs to amazing. She loved it and bought it on the spot, and to *use,* which makes me so happy. The very first impulse I had as an artist was to rescue these precious fabrics - tablerunners, pillow cases, hankies.

I finally figured out how I want to make my small notebooks. The construction is based on a lot of fusible, and, at last, no turned edges. They come out rather like check-book holders, but much nicer to have in your bag.

They have pockets inside for storing business cards, grocery lists etc (the bigger one here blends in because it's the same fabric as the lining). They make me happy. Now I need to haul off and put more time it finishing the large piece up in Lowell.

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